Monday, October 15, 2012

Ladies at Play…They Played Hard

Ladies at play was FULL of energy. The energy appeared to be HYPER-HYPER sexual.  Actually, I felt like sex was about to ensue at anytime and anywhere i.e. dance floor, bathroom, in a dark corner, on the bar. Of course, I would not have mine seeing two women get busy (seeing two women have sex is not my ULTIMATE fantasy)...after a while I would get bored with watching. SO, I ask:
Is it safe for me to say that sex is a PRIMARY motivator in lesbian/gay relationships? I certainly understand that straight (I don't like using the word straight) implies that others outside of this grouping are 'crooked'...anyway, I understand that heterosexual relationships can be consumed by wanting, trying to, and having sex.

 I think the birthday girl had on this dress...well, one just like it.

 Romain C...she on the black board.

 All damn pretty! 

 Da girls.  

 I saw someone that was not with our party take one...Thief! 

 Is that a shoulder or a titty? damn table service though! 

 Checking out the camera.

 Sexy ass! 

 That one in the lavender is...

 What ya think of the shoes?

 DJ Salah 

 It was all about her.

 What's up with her knees...two-toned? 

 I like her...

 That one in the purple is...I like her too! 

 Is that some type of phone around her neck?


 I think the one in the yellow is JEALOUS... 


 Is Mia really going to keep that black board?

 Such class...


 Would you please close your legs, Mia? 

 Damn I like her too...

 Where your teeth, Mia? 

 Women have too many damn shoes!

 She stole a feel...

 No one in our party knows this lady! 

 And they play HARD without wanting a hard ________! 

 Gold Room

 What was up with the shades of purple? 

 Love it!

 Lovely...simply lovely

 Look at that pinkie...

 She can get a body in that damn PURSE. 

 Missed my opportunity...IDIOT! 

 Is that cream? 

 When can I meet you? 

 They did not have to touch cheeks. 

 Umm...I don't know about that. 

 Dingos...they need some polish! Ashy ass boots.

 I look like I have to shit!


 Tommy making shoes now...

 Beyonce was in da house! 

And they PLAYED...